80's Remix Collection

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Many say that the 1980's is the best decade — especially when it comes to music. This claim, of course, is arguable, but there is no denying that a number of music that we still know today came from the 80's. The 80's is a period of musical innovations, with the changes done at this time serving as the catalyst for a number of influences in the following years. We uploaded some of the most influential artists during the 80's, including the songs and the lyrics that they made popular (see playlist). We also play some of the tracks every night at Naked Ear Resto Bar.

Music on this site are for sampling and promotional purposes only.  Most of the audio tracks on this site are remixes, extended and limited versions. All music are ripped from (vinyl's, cassettes, CD’s). It's not downloadable. We are still updating. Enjoy!
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